An amazing number of people helped us get two Liberal Democrat Councillors elected in Sutton South. Thank you. We now want to build up Lib Dem support in the ward and increase our number of councillors to three next time.  It is very important that we keep our Ward members in touch with what we are both doing and find out what you think we can all do to make Sutton South an even better place to live in.   Being a Councillor is not a job for slouches!  The few paragraphs below give you a sample of what’s been going on.


Although crime is statistically low in our area, on a number of occasions we have met local police from the Sutton South Safer Neighbourhood Team to discuss what to do about the drug dealing that has been taking place outside some blocks of flats; “street drinkers” congregating near Forest Dene on Cedar Road, and about serious instances of anti social behaviour affecting a number of residents in social housing. Some significant proposals are under discussion. We are of course in touch with our local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.


Richard is becoming something of a planning expert!  He has spoken several times at the Development Control Committee on planning applications that have worried residents, and attended Planning Inspectorate hearings on appeals concerning planning decisions affecting the Ward.  One concerned a nursing home in Mayfield Road, where the owner breached planning conditions. Another concerned the prospect of additional noise and disturbance for residents of Grosvenor Court in the Brighton Road from a proposed pizza takeaway which planned to use six motorbikes to deliver pizzas.

Open Spaces 

Although Sutton is renowned for its delightful green open spaces, there is only one such area in Sutton South, the nature reserve in Devonshire Road. After we discovered that 50 per cent of children in Devonshire School do not have the use of a garden, we’ve been working to improve this area, but without detracting from its purpose and basic informal character. 

In collaboration with LibDem Councillors in Carshalton Central we are forming a Friends of Warren Park group, a much loved park on the borders of this ward. Do let us know if you are interested in being involved.

Local Schools 

We have been talking to residents and head teachers about the Council’s proposals to increase the intake and expand the buildings at both Devonshire and Barrow Hedges Primary Schools.  Expansion is needed because the number of young children has increased in the borough.  Both Head Teachers support the proposals and see them improving standards. It should now become easier for our local parents to get their children into these popular and successful schools. But we will be watching to make sure that the expansions are well managed, to meet the concerns of some parents at Barrow Hedges about issues such as parking.

We visited Overton Grange School to discuss road safety concerns with the Head Master. Following this visit council officials have come forward with proposed improvements, which we support.


Rubbish etc 

Rubbish remains a problem.  Some local residents are vigilant in tackling this unhealthy and unpleasant eye sore.  We have been addressing the issue of rubbish at the side of Sutherland House and Richard as dealt with problems about rubbish disposal at Grosvenor Court.

Other issues we have taken up include blocked drains, potholes, grit bins, noise in flats, the pruning of trees and replacing trees damaged by cars in Copse Hill.

Sutton Housing Partnership 

With staff from Sutton Housing Partnership, we have visited a number of properties that they manage in this ward to identify necessary remedial work to the buildings.  More visits are planned.  We believe that our concern about the state of the ball court at Sutton Court has revived plans for its improvement, which are now being pursued.

Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings! 

Aside from this, we are both members of several Council committees, including the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee, the Health and Safety Committee (which Richard chairs) and the Audit Committee. Heather is a member of the Smarter Sutton Services Steering Group, looking at strategies to transform planned expenditure reductions into an opportunity to improve efficiency and services. She has already made her maiden speech at a Council meeting

Local Action 

We both sit on the Sutton South, Belmont and Cheam Local Committee. This has previously been entirely Conservative controlled.  Most residents are unaware of the committee which provides small amounts of funding for local capital projects.  We need to make this committee work better.  Please come and take part. 


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