Plans to deal with the cold weather include facilities for residents to collect grit, advertised on the Council website, and many more grit bins all over Sutton South Ward. Here is a selection of the bins. In the cold weather they have been emptied by local residents many times over, and the gritting teams have commented to us that they are emptied almost as fast as they are filled. But that means they are being used for their proper purpose and being of benefit to local people.


The bin in Ventnor Road,  at the start of the slope (slippery in cold weather),  put in at the request of residents.


The bin in Hillcroome Road, put in following a request to Councillor Clifton from a resident.


The bin at the middle of Downside Road, which is a hill (there is also a bin at the top), put in after a request to Councillor Clifton from residents.


The bin at the end of Devonshire Avenue.

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