On 25 March, as Mayor and Mayoress of Sutton, Richard Clifton and his wife Gloria attended a ceremony at the war memorial in Manor Park in Sutton to mark the anniversary of the crossing of the Rhine on 23 March 1945, an operation (Operation Varsity) that hastened the conclusion of the Second World War.
The ceremony is held every year, organised by the Parachute Regimental Association, and is attended by Sutton’s Mayor, members of the Association and serving members of the Parachute Regiment. This year, following the tragic events in Westminster a few days previously, it was also attended by local police officers. The event is held in Sutton as one of those closely involved in the operation, which – though successful – involved massive loss of life, was from Sutton and wished to commemorate the event.
The Mayor of Croydon and the Deputy Mayor of Kingston also attended.

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