Richard with Ethel

On 30 March one of the oldest residents of our Ward, Ethel Hansford, celebrated her 100th birthday. Congratulations Ethel. Ethel once worked at Croydon airport, and now lives in Thomas House in Grange Road. Ethel is mobile and has many great recollections of her interesting past.

Richard had a very busy day. In the morning he opened the new Poundland store in Sutton. There was a queue of over 100 waiting to go in when the store opened. This was not the only new establishment in Sutton that he opened on that day, opening the refurbished Red Lion pub in Hackbridge that evening. In the afternoon he attended Ethel’s 100th birthday party. Later in the evening he hosted a reception for food bank volunteers in the Mayor’s Parlour.

With the staff of Poundland at the opening

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