Are car clubs part of the solution?

STOP PRESS – The deadline for responses to this consultation has been brought forward to 12 January.

Residents of Sutton South Ward are being consulted on problems and solutions concerning parking in the Ward. All residents have received a consultation letter from Sutton Council relating to the parking issues in our Ward. When the Council’s Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee adopted the parking strategy in late 2016, involving a programme of consultation with residents over a period of time, we were pleased at the programme of consultation proposed but unhappy with the timescales. To undertake consultation in a way the traffic engineers could cope with, action in our area would not start till next year. Following our campaign, this first stage has now been brought forward.

The consultation document recognises that there is a high demand for commuter parking near to Sutton train station and the town centre, in our Ward. The fact that part of our area is just outside the Sutton Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) means that there is more pressure on local roads, leading to parking problems being moved onto neighbouring streets.

The consultation will gather feedback from local residents in respect of parking pressures, issues and the days/times these are occurring to feed into wider analysis and development of options to progress to statutory consultation to address these issues.

The consultation will run until 18 December and response will be via postage paid return envelope. It is important that residents respond. Responses will be collated and analysed, the results to be fed back to consult on next steps in the New Year. There is more information at

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