Are car clubs part of the solution?

Analysis has now been concluded of the survey of residents views on parking conducted at the start of this year. Over 5 500 residents responded to the survey and officers have prepared street-by-street proposals reflecting the views expressed.
There will now be a further survey, of views on the proposals officers have made following the survey.
Residents will receive a consultation letter about 12 November and are asked to respond by 16 December.
The proposals will be available online and at Sutton library, and residents will receive a letter from the Council advising them and inviting views on them. Keep an eye out for this letter in November or December.
There is a meeting to present the proposals at Overton Grange school at 6.30 pm on Friday 7 December, though this will be part of the process to explain the proposals and not a “decision taking” meeting. Ultimately, what finally happens will depend on the views of residents as expressed in responses to the further survey.
Now in my ninth year as a local Councillor (Richard) and my fifth year (Trish), we both find parking to be one of the most difficult issues. Residents often have strong views but in many roads there are strong views in different directions. It is inevitable that in some roads some people will be delighted by the proposals, some opposed, and some indifferent. Officers and Councillors can only be guided by views set out in the responses to consultation, so do look out for the further consultation exercise.

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