9 thoughts on “THE SOUND LOUNGE

  1. Matt Panayides says:

    Appreciate what the Sound Lounge want to achieve here in Sutton. I like the fact this will be a non profit business, with a social moral lifter for the community and what seems like an educative door opener for those in the music arts industry. As a resident of Sutton I’m stating Sound Lounge should go ahead.

  2. elizabeth sherlock says:

    Totally agree Matt. This is the type of venue SUTTON needs, especially at the lower end of the high street . Fully Iin Agreement Sound Lounge should go ahead.

  3. Liz Barton says:

    I think this will provide a well-needed boost to the bottom of the High Street, especially once the shops have closed for the evening. At the moment I feel very uncomfortable walking home from the station on my own.
    I also support all the community aspects of the project – it seems that it will be a very inclusive place.

  4. Daniela Borini says:

    Cant wait for this to open! What a fantastic community place it will be not to mention environmentally sound.
    I live just around the corner and am very excited that I’ll be able to access it easily.
    It’s about time we had a decent shop at the bottom of the high at. It’s been improved massively recently and I think this will add hugely to bringing the area up.

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