Trish on the e-bike

At the last local elections one of our main manifesto promises was to deliver an e-bike scheme in Sutton.

We are pleased that we are partnering with Lime to launch a 12 months trial for a dockless e-bike scheme.

This scheme is different from the Santander bikes in central London.

You can only hire the bikes using a smartphone and via an app.

The bikes are electric which means that they give you a little boost when you start to pedal and when you go uphill. This normally helps less confident cyclists.

The bikes are not docked but they are left in dedicated zones that are agreed between Lime and the Council. Once a resident decides to drop a bike after their ride Lime will be alerted at the nearest bike station. If any bikes are misplaced Lime will relocate them to a relevant zone within 2 hours. We are in the process of identifying suitable locations to have e-bike zones in each Ward. This means that Lime will ensure that there are bikes at these locations throughout the day.

The new on-demand bus service for Sutton is proving very popular. Find out more at

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