STOP PRESS – The article below was published in November just before the final consultation on parking commenced. It summarises the position reached following earlier rounds of consultation. The consultation is now closed and the results are being analysed.


The Council decided that, as parking is often raised as a problem in the regular surveys of residents on what they like about living in Sutton, it would ask all Sutton residents if parking was a problem in their road and what they would like done. Earlier rounds of consultation in our Ward led to proposals that were not given sufficient support by residents for the Council to proceed with them.

Responses to consultation highlighted two problems. First, unless the controls cover the whole local area parking will be displaced into roads without controls. Second, “free to park at any time” bays would be a magnet for commuters and long stay parkers, squeezing out residents. The only alternative to schemes that have these disadvantages is a residents-only Permit Parking Area.


Consequently, the Council is now consulting on a proposed Permit Parking Area. As roads not within the scheme will suffer from displaced parking if the roads nearby are in the scheme, the area consulted on is wide and runs from Egmont Road to Willis Avenue and Prior Avenue – including Chalgrove Road, The Ridgway, Mayfield Road, Farm Road, Farm Close, Upland Road, Kayemoor Road, Downside Road, Willis Avenue and Prior Avenue.

Individual roads in this area could be left out of the scheme if there is strong resident opposition in their road, but they might then find they suffer significant parking pressure if adjacent roads are all in the scheme. This would be a problematic outcome for those roads so one we hope to avoid.

The way the Parking Permit Area works is that only residents can park their vehicles in the road for a “control period”, 9 to 11 AM each day on weekdays, thus removing commuters and long stay parkers. Residents who need to park a car on the road rather than in their drive during the “control period” can obtain a parking permit to display on any vehicle they want to park in the road during the “control period”, and obtain “visitors’ permits” for their visitors. As this scheme will involve some costs of administration and enforcement there would be a charge for a permit, to cover costs. The Council can only cover costs, not use parking charges to subsidise other services. Parking charges in Sutton are amongst the lowest of any London borough. Charges per vehicle for permits in the CPZ area are on a scale you can find on the Council website and start at £40. A similar charge in Croydon is £80, Merton and Kingston £90, Richmond £99. You only need a permit if you need to park a car in the road during the “control period.” A Permit Parking Area involves notices to advise of parking controls but there is no need for yellow lines.

The Council is consulting residents on this proposal. Consultation closes on 21 November.

Residents of the area described above can fill in the online form at, or write to

Parking Strategy, Highways and Transport, London Borough of Sutton, 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM52JG.

Even if you are indifferent to the outcome, it would be helpful to know that, so please respond. If you support the proposal, say so. If you are opposed to this proposal make sure you explain your reasons, related to parking, for not favouring the scheme.

We are not making any recommendation – as local Councillors we simply want to do what our residents want. But you should be aware that the Council’s consultation is comprehensive and it is possible that almost all the roads in the area from Sutton station to Carshalton Beeches station will eventually have parking controls, so those roads left out will inevitably attract commuter parking.

Many residents are concerned about parking and we are pleased they now have the opportunity to put their view on a concrete proposal developed on the basis of earlier consultation.

We hope residents will respond to the consultation so we have a full picture.

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