At the Sutton Council meeting on 2 March Richard raised the issue of the flooding in Mulgrave Road during recent heavy rain.
Many residents have contacted us about the flooding in Mulgrave Road, particularly the area opposite Sutton station, during the recent heavy rains.The Council is responsible for maintaining the gullies and “gully pots” into which surface water from the road drains. However, the water then passes into a sewer maintained by Thames Water. The gullies have been cleaned but the nature of these events suggests that there is a problem with the sewers, which may be blocked or have insufficient capacity.We are continuing to keep up pressure on Thames Water to investigate and come up with a solution. There is a “Report a Problem” button on the Thames Water website and we are encouraging residents to use this facility to add to the number of people expressing their concern to Thames Water.
Grange Vale flooded last year. Richard cleared the blockage

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