The Sutton South Parking Permit Area is to be implemented, to come into force on Monday 30 November. The scheme has been subject to several rounds of consultation. Earlier proposals were thrown out by the residents, on consultation, but the scheme now to be implemented won broad support. In the final round of consultation a majority of those responding, in every road that will be included, supported the proposal.

The scheme covers, broadly, roads east of Langley Park Road as far as Banstead Road South. So Chalgrove Road, Mayfield, The Ridgway, Farm Road, Farm Close, Upland, Downside, Kayemoor, Willis Avenue and Prior Avenue. It prohibits parking in the road between 9 am and 11 am on weekdays unless you are a resident of the area and display a parking permit on your car. It means that those (including Richard) who need to park a vehicle in the road between 9 and 11 am on weekdays will need to obtain a parking permit. All residents can obtain a supply of visitors’ permits. There will be a letter from the Council with information on this. Some signage will appear and be “bagged” until 30 November. We are happy to field questions on the practicalities. 

It has long been recognised that clearing the parked cars from roads such as Mayfield Road will lead to speeding. This is one of the reasons why, at the same time, a six month trial of making this area a 20 mph speed limit area is underway.

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