Transport for London (TfL) are proposing to make changes to local bus routes, including the S1, S3, S4, 80 and 407.

To find out more, including maps of all the routes affected, visit Transport for London’s website: 

Trish and Richard have promoted a proposal put forward by Keith Percy of the Highfields Residents’ Association to extend the new S3 bus route so that it runs from Sutton station along Cedar Road to Eaton Road, then returning to Sutton station. This will be of value to residents in the east of our Ward. They have ensured that Sutton Council, in its formal response to the consultation, takes up this idea. The Council’s response says:

“The changes in the S3 and 413 will mean that the those who live in the Cedar Rd area near Sutton Station in South Sutton will no longer be on the S3 bus route and will not be on the 413 because its focus will change to further down Sutton High Street. However, Sutton South councillors, residents’ groups and the Sutton South Local Committee, support starting and ending the new S3 bus route in Eaton Rd reached via Cedar Road, to take account of this.”

Whether this proposal is accepted depends, of course, on Tfl.

TfL propose that there will be more buses serving the Sutton Hospital site (the Cancer Hub and the Harris Academy school) including a new S2 (which replaces some parts of the S4 route in Belmont and roads west of Brighton Road, and stops at St Helier Station). They propose that the 80 will be a double decker and will no longer serve the prisons, and the S1 will run with longer buses. 

The consultation closed on 20 December 2020 and we await the final decisions of TfL.

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