Trish and Richard were horrified by the indifference of the Government

After the Conservative Government refused to back Free School Meals for hungry children during the half term break, Liberal Democrat-run Sutton Council has stepped up to provide Free School Meals for local children during the holidays.

Footballer Marcus Rashford has spearheaded the campaign that brought national attention to children living in food poverty.  

We are disappointed that our local Conservative MP Paul Scully refused to support Free School Meals. Paul Scully callously dismissed Free School Meals on live television, claiming “Children have been going hungry under a Labour government for years”.

Local councils are under huge financial pressure across the country, with the Government only providing half the funding required to support additional COVID-19 related services. It is not true that the Council has been funded to provide free school meals at half term. That funding was received back in July for families who needed extra support and had to be allocated within twelve weeks. It wasn’t nearly enough at the time and it certainly wasn’t intended to cover the cost of feeding hungry school children at half term in October. However, the Liberal Democrats in Sutton were determined to ensure no child went hungry.

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