Our police station in Carshalton Road

The Sutton South Ward Police Consultative Panel met on the evening of 10 January 2024. These are open, public meetings all residents can attend. We were addressed by our Ward Constable, Constable Robyn Skivens and her colleague Constable Owen Harding. This meeting was much better attended than the previous meeting, held in October, with 17 residents attending.

During the period from October there had been 4 burglaries in the Ward, a significant drop from the figure of 21 burglaries during the previous quarter reported to the meeting held in October. There had been 10 incidents involving motor vehicles, including 4 thefts of vehicles and 6 thefts from vehicles. Interestingly, for the third quarter running there had been no catalytic converter thefts. The important advice from the police is not to leave anything valuable in your car and be careful to check it is locked when you leave the car. The police always stress the need to report all crime, however trivial.

Constable Skivens commented on the number of “extractions” that occur, when she and Constable Harding are asked to leave Ward duties and assist in activities elsewhere. This reduces attention to Ward matters. Concern was expressed at the meeting on the level of police resources, since the entire Sutton South team consists of Constables Skivens and Harding plus one PCSO.

There was a wide ranging discussion at the meeting, topics including the extent of drug use and dealing in the area, domestic violence, modern slavery, antisemitic incidents and the need to police the synagogue in our Ward, the availability of knives, the number of young people carrying knives, and the important role of our schools. The police commended the work of the Street Pastors who can sometimes get a better reaction from people than a police officer in uniform can. The police thought that insofar as there is a drugs problem locally it is possession and use rather than growing cannabis and/or drug dealing. At some schools locally there are metal detectors at school gates and there is a “knife box” in the car park of M and S in Sutton where people can deposit knives anonymously.

Our police officers were commended for attending the Sutton South Hello Christmas party on their day off.

The next meeting was provisionally arranged for Wednesday 24 April at Devonshire Avenue school.

Louise, Trish and Richard with our Ward police officers at the Sutton South Hello Christmas party

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