Our police station in Carshalton Road

The police consultative panel for Sutton South Ward met again on the evening of 24 April, at Devonshire Avenue school. There are open, public meetings held quarterly at which the police discuss the policing of the Ward with local residents. We were addressed by our Ward Constable, Constable Robyn Skivens, who went through the crime statistics for the Ward. The meeting was, sadly, not as well attended as the previous meeting held in January at Overton Grange school.

There had been an increase in burglaries but a decline in the number of thefts of and from vehicles. While many of these burglaries were of sheds and garages, there is a need for residents to be vigilant and keep buildings locked. During the period from the turn of the year there had been 18 burglaries in the Ward. Many of these were the burglary of garden sheds and the many garages in the Ward, and some were burglaries from commercial premises in Brighton Road. There were 12 incidents involving motor vehicles – theft from or of vehicles. There had again been no thefts of catalytic converters. There were 10 other thefts – mainly parcel or phone thefts, or of pedal cycles. There were a small number of robberies around the train station. The police have continued to organise patrols around the station.

There had been 5 drug offences recorded. There had been 4 “dog incidents” – dogs being dangerously out of control or biting people. There were 3 incidents involving the harassment of women and girls, offences the police take very seriously.

There is important advice from the police is not to leave anything valuable in your car and be careful to check it is locked when you leave the car. The police always stress the need to report all crime, however trivial.

Constable Skivens commented on the number of “extractions” that occur, when she and her Sutton South colleagues are asked to leave Ward duties and assist in activities elsewhere. This reduces attention to Ward matters. Concern was expressed at the meeting on the level of police resources.

The meeting discussed the difficulties the police have in recruitment and the concerns we have about the mental welfare of police officers. The meeting thanked Constable Skivens for her dedication to our Ward over a number of years, now, and for her work.

Our police officers were again commended for attending the Sutton South Hello Christmas party on their day off (see photo below).

The next meeting was provisionally arranged for Wednesday June 26 at Devonshire Avenue school.

Louise, Trish and Richard with our Ward police officers at the Sutton South Hello Christmas party

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