Parking in our Ward has increased in recent years partly due to more people working in Sutton or commuting to town as the economy has recovered, and not being prepared to pay to park in the town centre car parks, although their prices are amongst the cheapest in London and they are never full.


Responding to residents’ concerns, the Council’s Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee has agreed a parking strategy for the Borough involving an area by area consideration of parking controls. To make this manageable the study will be scheduled over several years, dealing with the town centre in the first year. Any changes to the town centre controlled parking zone and car parks will have an impact on the roads in our Ward so the plan starts from the centre and moves outwards. Our area will be considered the following year.

People have a mix of views on parking controls in their road. As they can displace parking into nearby roads, it is not intended to introduce further parking controls in the roads in our Ward prior the study next year. But we would welcome the views of residents in preparation for this study.

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