Trish wearing the chain of office made for her by Devonshire Avenue Primary School children

At the Sutton Council meeting on 24 April Councillors passed a vote of thanks to Trish for her service, for the third consecutive year, as Mayor. Here is the speech Richard made moving the vote of thanks.

“It is often the case that these votes of thanks at the end of a period of office are seen as routine.
I would like to suggest to you some reasons why this particular vote of thanks is far from routine and
should be a heartfelt “thank you” from all of us.
First, stamina. This is Councillor Fivey’s third successive year as Mayor. I recollect from my own year as Mayor how drained I felt at the end of it. I know that activities in Councillor Fivey’s first year as Mayor were limited by the pandemic, and she was evidently ready to have another go at it when it came to the end of the year. But to go on for a third successive year is extraordinary.
And my observation is that she was such a success in her first two years – so energetic, so popular, someone who brought real fizz and energy to any event she went to – that the invitations and the demands on the Mayor kept increasing, as people wanted to see her again, and again,
and again. She has taken whatever workload has been thrown at her in her stride. And her sparkling and warm personality has been the key to her popularity and her success.
What I have really admired in the past year, though, is her remarkable good judgement in the handling of these Council meetings. We have seen interruptions and behaviour at recent meetings that were not problems, on the same scale, that her predecessors, in my thirteen years as a Councillor, have had to deal with, and all of us would have struggled with. Trish has shown great ability, great common sense and impeccable judgement in the way she has handled these problems.
Councillors, it gives me great pleasure to move this vote of thanks.”

The day after her election Trish visited Devonshire primary school to thank the children for making her chain
Trish’s chain – made by the children

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