On 14 May a sub-committee of Sutton Council’s Licensing Committee considered a string of complaints by local residents about noise nuisance from the Spaghetti Tree restaurant in Brighton Road. As the restaurant is in our Ward, none of the Ward Councillors could sit as members of the sub-committee, as those taking the decision must be independent from any local influence. The committee considered whether this anti-social behaviour, involving the frequent playing of music at loud volume and thus disturbing local residents, was a breach of the licence conditions for regulated entertainment that governed the operation of the restaurant. The committee was concerned about the disturbance and decided to vary the licence of the restaurant to prevent the playing of live and recorded music as regulated entertainment at the premises. The owner has 21 days to appeal against the decision.

This is sad – but the owners of premises must recognise that licence conditions are imposed to protect the local residents and they will be enforced, so they cannot be ignored without there being consequences.

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