Many of those who live in Sutton South Ward travel up to London by train, those who travel for work doing so most days.
So we all may be interested in a consultation exercise being conducted by Govia Thameslink Railway, incorporating Southern and Thameslink, on changes to the rail timetable from Sutton from May 2018. Most organisations publicise consultation exercises but this seems to be almost like a secret exercise that you only find out about by accident.
The changes are considerable and helpful – a new all day service between Sutton and London Bridge via Norwood Junction (currently it is peak hours only) and a doubling of the frequency of the service from Sutton to Epsom Downs.

To find the consultation, and make comments, you need to click on this link, then go to “Be Part of It” and click on “Read More”, then click on information sheet 4 to discover what is proposed for our area.

[NOTE: The information above was correct when this post was posted. As of 30 July, they seem to have removed information sheet 4 and are promising it will be restored, with an invitation to comment, in the autumn. We are trying to find out what is happening. It is still worthwhile visiting the site. ]


Our police station in Carshalton Road

At the Sutton South Ward consultative meeting with the local police on 11 June we learned that our long serving PC, Mark Towler, is moving to other duties. There is a new policing model being adopted and our Ward will be under Sergeant Anna Smith – who also covers Cheam, Belmont and Sutton West – but with two dedicated Ward officers – Kelly Heath and Andy Peak – plus a PCSO (Laura Jagoe, who has been with us a long time but is currently on maternity leave).

We recorded our grateful thanks to Mark, who will be missed.

The meeting heard that Sutton South remains a low crime area with just two house burglaries, though four garage burglaries, in the previous twelve weeks. The sector priorities remain tackling burglary, anti-social behaviour and speeding, while for our area we asked the police to continue to keep an eye on drug use at certain addresses, speeding and action to deal with all-day drinking.

PC Towler with Richard, the Mayor, at the 2017 police awards ceremony


Outside Northumberland House


Following the re-vamping of the area around the station, with the opening of the side entrance, new paving and the new clock, the area in front of Northumberland House (previously Sutherland House) has been given a piazza-style treatment, to make it more spacious and to enable the restaurants to have tables outside. We welcome views on further improvements to the area.


There is a sombre mood in society at the moment, with terrorist acts and a mood of Islamophobia in some quarters that threatens to divide our society. For this reason Richard took great pleasure in accepting an invitation from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association to attend their mosque in Willow Lane in Sutton on the evening of 15 June to break fast with them at sundown, during the holy month of Ramadan. In this photo he is inside the mosque with Nasser Butt, former Liberal Democrat Councillor for this Ward, on the left as you look at the picture, and, to the right, Naseer Dean, President of the London region of the Association.

Trish has also accepted several invitations to attend the Central Mosque in Carshalton Road and took part in the Sutton Peace March on 1 July. She was invited to attend Friday prayers at the mosque the previous day to pass on information about the Peace March.

Trish with the Leader of the Council, the Mayor, Tom Brake MP and others, at the Peace March



We are well aware that the new arrangements have not worked as well as they should in some parts of the Ward. We have been working with Veolia to iron out some problems, particularly with bin stores at certain blocks of flats, and pressing them to improve the regularity of the service where it has fallen short.


Jane with her son Ciaran, born on 22 June 2015

About a week before I was elected Mayor in May 2016 I went to child-mind my grandson, something I have done every week so my daughter and son-in-law could go out to work. I found my daughter ill and took her to the doctor, who told me to take her immediately to the nearby accident and emergency department at St Thomas’s hospital. We arrived at noon and by 5pm they had diagnosed a brain tumour requiring immediate surgery.

If I had known of her illness about a week earlier I would have pulled out of being Mayor. But everything was set up and it was too late. In retrospect, that would have been a bad decision as the work involved in being Mayor was a great distraction over a very difficult twelve months. I stood down as Mayor on 22 May 2017 and the following day Jane was taken in by St Christopher’s hospice in Sydenham, where she died on 9 June.

Gloria and I have been overwhelmed by the expressions of condolence and support we have received, from so many local residents. Can I thank you all.



20mph on lampost sign
Since we were elected as Councillors for Sutton South Ward we have been concerned about speeding in the Ward. Following the speeding survey we promoted in 2011 new traffic islands in Cavendish Road have had an impact on the speed of vehicles using the road. The new zebra crossing with the re-distribution of parking bays along the road – so there is more parking along the road, which generally does slow the speed of traffic – in Cedar Road (between Brighton Road and Langley Park Road) has had some impact on speeds there.
We have also sought to deal with the specific problem of the speed of vehicles approaching the right turn from The Ridgway into Chalgrove Road with better signage on the road and on lamp-posts as your approach the bend.
A proposal now under consideration and discussed by the local committee on May 25 concerns the area of the Ward west of Brighton Road. If fully implemented this would introduce a 20 mile per hour limit in the area east of Overton Road (including Overton Road) as far as the Sutton to Belmont railway line, so including these parts of Worcester Road, Grange Road, Camborne Road and Stanley Road. There would be signage to indicate the speed limit and some raised junctions, and road humps, where roads crossed. This follows a speeding survey indicating some vehicles travel too fast along these roads. There will, of course, be extensive consultation with residents before such a proposal is implemented and, given current funding restrictions and other priorities, action on this proposal – which is a proposal for Transport for London funding – cannot be guaranteed even if supported in consultation.
We would welcome any reactions, particularly from residents who live in the area.
We have also previously floated, in the list of bids to Transport for London, consultation of residents on the inclusion of Christchurch Park in the Sutton South 20mph speed limit area.


Richard completed his year as Mayor, and Gloria her year as Mayoress, on 22 May. Richard raised over £26 000 for his charity appeal for Sutton Shopmobility and the Alzheimer’s Society.

In the course of his Mayoral year Richard attended several hundred events in the Borough. The range of these events is enormous. They include:

  • opening the various open-air festivals, carnivals and fêtes that are held in Sutton in the summer months
  • opening new shops, pubs and business premises
  • attending events at churches, mosques, the synagogue and schools
  • attending school prizegiving evenings at most of our schools in Sutton
  • taking part in many Citizenship ceremonies, at which local residents from distant parts of the world took British citizenship
  • attending many 100th birthday parties
  • attending scout camps
  • attending award ceremonies, particularly for young people and for the many groups of cadets – police cadets, sea cadets, air cadets and the combined cadet forces of some of our schools
  • turning on the Christmas lights, which he did four times.

And of course hundreds of events organised by the many voluntary groups in Sutton. And going to a few football and cricket matches, not just Sutton United but many local teams who have invited him to their games and to give out the awards at end-of-season prizegivings.

He has also represented the Borough at important events in London and in Surrey where the Borough should be represented, ranging from the pan-London Citizenship Ceremonies organised by the Mayor of London to more poignant occasions such as the service at Westminster Abbey to remember those killed in the terrorist action in Westminster last March.

He has also held receptions in the Mayor’s Parlour for about a dozen groups of people whose contribution to Sutton needs to be recognised – including carers, the local business community, food bank volunteers, the arts network, and of course Sutton United Football Club.

Richard recollects that there was a day in March when, in one day, he opened the new Poundland store in Sutton town centre, opened the Red Lion pub in Hackbridge which had been closed for re-furbishment, attended a 100th birthday party for a local resident, and held a reception for food bank volunteers in the Mayor’s Parlour. And there were two other invitations on that day that he had to pass to his Deputies as he could not fit them in. This demonstrates the demands on his time

Richard has had to do some challenging things as Mayor, including dressing up as Father Christmas to go out with the Sutton and Cheam Rotary Club collecting money for charity. This has left him with a rich fund of anecdotes about his discussions with small children when dressed as Father Christmas, which he offers to regale people with.

Richard sometimes had to chair the Annual General Meetings of local groups who have it in their constitution that the Mayor will chair their AGM. Chairing Council meetings is sometimes a bit tricky, so you would think that chairing the meetings of bodies like the Sutton Swimming Association, Sutton Seniors Forum and the Friends of Whitehall would be a doddle. It was not always so.

Richard said when he was elected that he hoped his Mayoralty would be remembered for some good music. There have been some great concerts to support his charity appeal, including by The Surrey Yeomanry Band, the Sutton Youth Wind Orchestra, The Phoenix Concert Band, the Norwood Wind Ensemble and the Show Choir – not to mention the group of musicians led by Richard that played Christmas carols in the St Nicholas Centre on several Saturdays before Christmas to raise funds, and the performance by the Clockhouse Choir at one of his dinners. Councillor Wendy Mathys attended all his concerts so deserves a special prize.

It has to be said that 2017 was a good year to be Mayor of Sutton as the year will be remembered as ranking alongside 1970 (remember Leeds United) and 1989 (remember Coventry City) as a year when Sutton United football club achieved great things in the FA Cup. The Mayor was one of the people guaranteed a ticket for the Sutton United v. Arsenal match, when the team acquitted themselves with honour, so a good year to be Mayor. There was worldwide interest in the Arsenal match, so much so that before the match he was much in demand for interviews on the general theme of “where is Sutton?”. He was interviewed by radio and TV teams from, amongst other places, Turkey, Russia and South Korea.

Richard’s charity appeal has raised over £26 000 for his two excellent charities.




PC Towler with the Mayor at the ceremony

Many Sutton South residents will know our principal neighbourhood police officer, Police Constable Mark Towler. Mark has for many years been our Police Constable, a man who knows our area like the back of his hand and who has made a great contribution to keeping the local community safe. While nowhere has zero crime and we can never be complacent, the borough of Sutton is one of the safest in London and Sutton South Ward one of the safest Wards in Sutton.

On 11 May Richard attended, as Mayor of Sutton, the Metropolitan Police Service Sutton Borough Commander’s Commendation Ceremony, where a number of serving police officers from Sutton and some members of the public received awards in recognition of their service to our community. The Mayor is invited to present these awards. This service ranged from acts of bravery to prevent crime to systematic action and campaigns to reduce crime. We are delighted that PC Towler received an award, recognising his work to reduce crime in our area, the citation reading “commended for motivation, commitment and drive to reduce anti-social behaviour in Sutton South ward linked to the supply of drugs, through the use of search warrants and arrest of offenders, improving the quality of life for his residents.”