Sutton police station in Carshalton Road

Sutton police station in Carshalton Road

On 12 July Trish and Richard attended the police consultative group meeting for Sutton South Ward, held in the church hall at Christchurch. It is a pity these public meetings attract so few members of the public, only four tonight. The police priorities for the next quarter will include seeking Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators at Farm Close and Audley Place, and tackling the problem of rough sleepers in Ambleside Gardens and Beauclere House, in Brighton Road. There was also discussion of the theft of bins at blocks of flats in Brighton Road and in Christchurch Park. The overall level of crime in the area remains low.

The police are very keen to monitor any community tensions that might have arisen as a result of the EU referendum. Emotions may run high for a while and there have been some reports in the national media about a rise in hate crime and harassment in some areas. We have not heard of any such incidents locally; but obviously the police rely very much upon the community and the Neighbourhood Watch to monitor things like this for them.

If you have detected any such issues – or know of anyone who has – please do not hesitate to contact Sutton police to report them.

If anyone wishes to make an anonymous report they can always call Crimestoppers at any time – day or night – on 0800 555 111, in complete confidence.

eid celebrations

On 6 July Richard, by invitation, attended the Eid celebrations held annually in Overton Park (see picture above) at the end of Ramadan, to show his support for multculturalism and opposition to hate crime.

Cllr Ruth Dombey, Leader of Sutton Council, Niall Bolger, Chief Executive of Sutton Council, Cllr Tim Crowley, Leader of the Opposition at Sutton Council, and Sutton Borough Police Commander Dave Stringer said in a joint statement on 30 June:

“Since the EU referendum result there have been media reports of hate crimes against people living in this country. However, there has been no increase in hate crime incidents reported to the police in Sutton and across London.

“We are grateful that Sutton has not seen an increase in such intolerant and antisocial behaviour. The vote is not a licence for racist and xenophobic behaviour. We would urge residents to be vigilant to ensure that all borough citizens continue to live together in a peaceful, harmonious and responsible way.

“We are aware that certain events can spur intolerance, hate or extremism. Anyone who witnesses or suffers any hate incident of any type should report it immediately to the Police so that they can take action and deal with any incidents quickly.

“Sutton is a popular place to live, in part because we are a tolerant, open society that values people of all cultures, nationalities and religions. At this time it is more important than ever that we show solidarity with our neighbours of all different faith and cultural groups to ensure that extremist views and behaviour have no part of our community.”



Trish is continuing her campaign to seek action on the allegations that pornographic films have been shot at locations in the Borough. She has recently been interviewed by both BBC radio and BBC television about these allegations, that pornographic films have been shot at public locations in the Borough, including one close to her home. Trish rightly said she was outraged by this, as it was an act of indecency in public, and children or other members of the public might observe it. The police should take action if they encounter such behaviour and seek additional powers if more powers are needed.

There is, of course, no evidence that this type of filming of obscene acts is any more prevalent in Sutton than elsewhere, as no-one is collecting data, but one has to have a concern about the people taking part in such filming (are these trafficked women?) and the possibility that such public acts of indecency might be observed by people, who will of course be horrified. And we all deplore pornography.

Trish being filmed by the BBC cameraman

Trish being filmed by the BBC cameraman


The Mayor, Muhammad Sadiq, addressed the event

The Mayor, Muhammad Sadiq, addressed the event

On 27 January we supported Holocaust Memorial Day. There was a moving event, a meeting and discussion held at Sutton Boys’ Grammar school. There were interesting presentations on the Holocaust and some discussion of other acts of genocide, including those in Rwanda, Bosnia and Dafur.


police station


Trish and Richard attended their first local meeting of 2016 when they attended the consultative panel for Sutton South Ward set up by the police, on January 5, in Christchurch hall.

The police had reported at the previous meeting that that there had been a further fall in the total number of crimes in our Ward in the most recent three month period, a fall of 1.5% compared to the period a year previously. The downward trend has continued and data were presented to the meeting to show that the number of residential and non-residential burglaries in the last four months are down compared to the figures for the corresponding period in 2014. Sutton South Ward continues to have one of the lowest crime rates in London. It will be difficult to reduce it further.

Priorities remain tackling burglary, anti-social behaviour and speeding. The police are continuing to conduct some evening and night patrols with the objective of tackling rough sleepers in certain blocks of flats.

The threat to the future of PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers, the backbone of our neighbourhood policing approach) remains a matter of concern.

An exercise to test public satisfaction with the police has found that satisfaction rates are highest in Sutton, of all London boroughs.


Sutton police station

Sutton police station

Crime remains low in Sutton South. This was the conclusion of the consultative police Ward panel meeting attended by Trish and Richard at Sutton police station on 2  October. Sutton is in fact a Borough with one of the lowest crime rates in London and Sutton South is a Ward with a low crime rate even by Sutton’s standards.

This was not a well attended meeting. We spent part of the time discussing the recent changes to consultation arrangements introduced by the Tory Mayor. They are not popular, and have led to the demise of the popular local Borough-wide consultative group. We discussed how we might meet in public in the future. The crime statistics presented by the police continue to show the Ward has low crime levels, with theft from vehicles one of the most common offences. Agreed priorities are burglary, theft from motor vehicles and anti-social behaviour.

This followed on from the first meeting since the election of the Ward police panel on 9 July at Sutton police station, a meeting Richard and Trish attended. We are considering the mechanics of making this meeting open to the public, or combining its meetings with those of the local committee, to make the meetings open.



cedar road new roundels

On 11 February action by the police team from Merton that is helping combat speeding in our Ward led to 13 drivers being stopped and spoken to about the speed they were travelling at in Cavendish Road.

Following the speed survey we arranged in the area, funding is now in place for the coming financial year for two width restrictions in Cavendish Road – “Road narrowing with one lane and informal crossing, with pedestrian centre-refuge island” outside Fiske Court and Hampton Lodge, with the same outside Richard Sharples Court. In Cedar Road there will be “Raised zebra crossing, with road narrowing, one lane and informal crossing” close to Forest Dene Court” and “Road narrowing with one lane and informal crossing” outside Ashdown Court. We have arranged for additional 20 mph roundels in the road (see picture above) and 20 mph signs on lamp-posts (see picture below) to further reinforce the message.

20mph on lampost sign straightened


Sutton police station

Sutton police station

In Sutton we have an effective model for community / police consultation, with the Sutton Community and Police Forum covering the whole Borough and Ward panels covering each Ward, including the panel for our own South Sutton Ward. See the page on this site on “Sutton Police” for information on the Ward police panel.
Now the Mayor, and the Mayor’s Office for Policing (MOPAC), want to change this, abolishing the Forum and setting up a new set of bodies, Safer Neighbourhood Boards. 
The Boards will replace existing groups such as our Community and Police Forum, long-standing groups that were established in the 1980’s as a result of the Scarman Report, which identified a collapse in relationships between the police and local communities as contributing to the 1981 Brixton Riots.
More worryingly, our South Sutton Ward Panel, where the police discuss crime trends in the Ward with local community groups, will no longer set the policing priorities. This is a backward step.

Policing priorities for the Ward – no longer set by the local panel – are burglary, motor vehicle crime and violence with injury. This last priority is not relevant to Sutton South, which is a low crime area with few such crimes. The police have agreed, at the Ward panel meeting on 11 December, to continue action on local priorities such as traffic and speeding.

We remain concerned that these changes will not help community / police consultation on crime and policing in our Ward.


police station

Heather and Richard attended the Sutton South Ward police panel on 12 June. There was discussion of current crime trends, including recent burglaries and attempted burglaries in Mayfield Road.

While the police were unable to give a reason for these incidents they commented that sometimes there is a “clustering” of crime in an area for a short period for no obvious reason, but it would be unusual for it to persist as a problem. They have moved quickly to re-assure residents and have knocked on doors in Mayfield Road, and left a feedback form where there was no-one in. If you have any observations you want to make to the local police you can contact them on ztsnt-suttonsouth@met.police.uk

Also, nine local residents attended their recent street briefing.

While no-one can ever be complacent and we must all maintain our vigilance, it remains the case that this Ward is a low crime area, indeed one of the safest areas in south London. Burglary, along with theft from motor vehicles, remains a police priority for the area, but the most common form of burglary in our area is theft from garages, and residential (house) burglaries are mercifully rare.

The meeting also discussed future action on speeding, a dog seizure in Cumnor Road, a cannabis factory in Westmoreland Drive and the success of the extension of the “No Drinking Zone” to our Ward.

We also discussed the introduction of the “London Policing Model” on 24 June. While the implications are not all positive, these changes are not going to damage the excellent service we generally get from our local police.

 Next street briefing: 12 July outside Lavender Court in Cavendish Road.


Sutton police station

Sutton police station

One of the themes Richard and Heather return to from time to time is the good things about Sutton.

In his speech to the Council on 4 March (you can find the text of this on his blog under 4 March) Richard mentioned how employers he has met through the “Opportunity Sutton” programme tell him of the things their employees like about Sutton – low crime, good schools, voted the best place in London to bring up children, a pleasant green and suburban atmosphere.

This week we met the local police for the quarterly consultative meeting of the Sutton South Police Panel. Again, the police were able to present statistics showing a fall in crime in the Ward.

There is a full report on the meeting on the page on this site titled “Sutton Police.”



The panel is the consultative mechanism by which the police discuss with the local community crime trends and policing priorities.

The most alarming aspect of this meeting was that only 3 panel members, plus the police, turned up – the Reverend Mark Pullinger, Heather and Richard.

The crime figures indicate South Sutton continues to be a low crime area. They showed crime down 19% on the figures for the same period in 2011 – burglary down, theft much the same. There were increases in assault and in harrassment (in this context, this being an umbrella term for a variety of forms of anti-social behaviour) but some of this is close to the station and, while in the Ward, not involving our residents.

Anti-social behaviour in the Ward is, overall, down. Other matters discussed included incidents involving dogs, pizza delivery drivers, proposals we made for use of “Community Payback”, the pressure from the “centre” in London for more action on drug enforcement (which is stretching local resources), and the reasons for the decline in anti-social behaviour incidents in the Ward.

It was agreed that the priorities would continue to be burglary and motor vehicle crime.