Richard and Trish attended the "topping out" ceremony at the Subsea7 building in Brighton Road on 4 September

Richard and Trish attended the “topping out” ceremony at the Subsea7 building in Brighton Road

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Richard leads the throng in song at the Sutton South Hello party for the Queen, 15 June

Richard leads the throng in song at the Sutton South Hello party for the Queen, 15 June

On 3 July Richard, the Mayor of Sutton, opened the Belmont Festival in the company of Miss Surrey

On 3 July Richard, the Mayor of Sutton, opened the Belmont Festival in the company of Miss Surrey

A nice picture of Richard's grandson Ciaran

A nice picture of Richard’s grandson Ciaran


With Chief Superintendent Stringer

With Chief Superintendent Stringer

Sutton South Ward has one of the lowest crime levels in London, but we cannot be complacent and need to take the simple precautions necessary to avoid making life easy for the criminal.

We are well served by our local police, and we meet them regularly to assess crime trends in the Ward. There are many blocks of flats in the Ward and recently there have been a small number of incidents reported to us of rough sleepers spending the night in stairwells.

The problem of homelessness has, of course, increased recently due to Government housing policies. We have been involved in discussions with housing managers and the police about precautions such as entryphone systems and sought to help local groups that are trying to deal with the problem of homelessness and rough sleeping. If you observe rough sleepers in stairwells it is best to contact the police on the non-emergency 101 number. They can also be directed to sources of advice such as the Salvation Army (02086429862), Shelter (02034686293) and the Sutton Civic offices (02087705800).

Sutton police station in Carshalton Road

Sutton police station in Carshalton Road


R and T at station smallMany of our residents commute to London by train, and the combination of good schools, low crime, a green and leafy borough and proximity to local railway stations is what attracts many London commuters to Sutton South Ward.

For this reason we are concerned at the reports we get from many residents that the train service is not adequate. Both of us have, at times, been commuters into central London and we know the frustrations. In September Trish made an impassioned speech to Sutton Council on the problems residents have experienced, quoting the stories residents have shared with us of cancelled services and broken down trains. The Council called on the Government to review the franchise of Southern Railway and Govia, and implement stringent penalties for failure to deliver an adequate service.

Since Richard was elected he has fought successful campaigns to save the Thameslink service and to get the side entrance to Sutton station open. We are now campaigning to get Network Rail to increase the capacity of the station car park. We want to monitor the performance of the railway so please continue to contact us with your thoughts and experiences.

tunnel train


The design for the Subsea7 office in Brighton Road

The design for the Subsea7 office in Brighton Road

On 29 September we attended a further meeting of the liaison group with Subsea7 and local residents, to discuss progress of the project.
The new Subsea7 building in Brighton Road just south of the station will not now be completed till about the end of the year. Subsea7 are disappointed and feel let down by their contractor, Galliford Try.
The Sutherland House building, almost opposite, is being converted to 128 flats, with parking spaces, that are being offered for rent. Shops at the bottom of Sutherland House will include a Sainsburys.
Occupation of these two buildings, increasing footfall in the area and business for local shops, restaurants and hotels, will have a positive effect on the local economy. And the Subsea7 project will bring many hundreds of jobs toour area that would otherwise have been in Epsom or Leatherhead.

Consultation has concluded with residents on the parking arrangements in the side road separating the site from Raeburn House and Girtin House, now named Berridge Close. The road will be included in the controlled parking zone with four parking bays in the road, reserved for residents with parking permits.

On 4 September the Subsea7 building was “topped out.”
subsea on the roof 1
“Topping out” is a ceremony traditionally held when the building has been built to its full height. Richard and Trish were there on the roof of the building when the final piece of concrete was put in place on 4 September.
Richard and Trish continue to have regular meetings with Subsea7 to discuss progress of their project to build their new international headquarters building in Brighton Road.
The site won the Ivor Goodsite Hoarding Competition 2015!  The site was one of 8 winners out of 48 entries nationally to receive the award which showcased the great artwork used on the hoarding, produced by local schools; Devonshire Primary and Overton Grange Secondary.  The schools produced widely praised artwork on the themes of ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Subsea 7’.
The main contractors are Galliford Try.
Galliford Try are members of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and are committed to achieving a high standard of health and safety, low environmental impact and respect for neighbours.
The picture below is of Trish and Richard with the Devonshire Avenue primary school artwork displayed at the site.

One of the conditions we insisted on when agreeing the planning application was that there would be continuous dialogue with the local community through the Community Liaison Group.



sutherland house

The apartments in Sutherland House in the Brighton Road, a few hundred yards south of Sutton station and in our Ward, will be available to rent. The Acorn Group, who are in charge of renting out the flats, recently held an event for viewings. If anyone is interested in renting they can contact Kimberley Ellen (kimberley.ellen@acorn.ltd.uk or ring her 020 8315 6917). She will make sure that any interested parties are registered and then contacted about viewings.

Residents often ask us what is happening to Sutherland house in the Brighton Road. We had confirmation last year from the owners, Criterion Capital, of their plans to renovate the building. The renovation will convert the building to 128 luxury flats with car parking spaces, one per flat. In December 2015 we met with Council officers and the developer to discuss renovation of the front, to fit in with the Gateway scheme further north. We have sought agreement that the owners fund the renovation of the area in front of the building, to bring it up to the same standard as the area renovated during the “Gateway” project just to the north.  The shops at the bottom will include the supermarket (Sainsburys), though we have hopes of a mix of restaurants, shops and maybe a wine bar as the area will have so much  more footfall.

They have previously indicated that the work would be finished by March 2016, but this date has passed. We are a little surprised that they are to be offered for rent rather than sale, but given the location close to the station there will be no shortage of demand. We doubt if they will be actively marketing the flats until the work is sufficiently progressed for them to have a show flat for people to look at, but they say the work will be to a high standard.
We have been critical of the developers as they used a route to bypass normal planning permission requirements, but at last the building will be occupied. The year 2016 will be a good one for the area with the occupation of the Subsea7 building and Sutherland House, bringing people into the area who will spend money in local shops and restaurants, which will give the whole area an uplift.

Sutton Council’s Licensing Committee met on 21 March and agreed the application by Sainsburys for a licence to sell alcohol in the store they plan to open at the foot of Sutherland House. As the Tesco opposite already has a licence to sell alcohol, there was never much doubt that this application would be agreed.

The area has in the past suffered from a group of “all day drinkers” who walk the streets drinking alcohol from cans. However, one of Richard’s first acts when elected in 2010 was to get the “no drinking” zone extended from Sutton town centre into Sutton South Ward. This makes it unlawful to drink alcohol in public in the area if a police officer asks you to stop.

The Licensing Committee has imposed conditions in an effort to control such drinking, including that the store will not sell cans of beer or lager individually.

The frontage of the building will be renewed and improved and the vacant shops let out, including the small Sainsburys store.

The licensing application was considered on the basis of the four licensing objectives, which are:

  • the prevention of crime and disorder
  • public safety
  • the prevention of public nuisance
  • the protection of children from harm
Richard and Trish held a surgery at Sutherland House to advise residents

Richard and Trish held a surgery at Sutherland House to advise residents


The dancers wore traditional dress

The dancers wore traditional dress

On 17 September Sutton hosted a performance in the town centre from the famous dance group L’Aubade de Quercy, who come from Sutton’s twin town of Gagny near Paris.
The group danced for an hour in Trinity Square in the centre of Sutton, alongside the Pennyroyal Clog Dancers and the East Surrey Morris Men, making it a remarkable international festival of traditional dance. L’Aubade de Quercy specialise in traditional French folk dancing, performed in traditional costume. The group included ladies who demonstrated lace making, traditional in this part of France.
The lace makers

The lace makers

Prior to the performance Richard, as Mayor, welcomed the group to a reception in the Mayor’s Parlour, where the dancers from Gagny presented the borough with an emblem made in lace, and Richard presented them with a copy of the Sutton Coat of Arms.
Richard holding the lace emblem presented to the borough

Richard holding the lace emblem presented to the borough


With Rabbi Shmuli Sagal

With Rabbi Shmuli Sagal

There are three places of worship in our Ward – Christchurch in Christchurch Park is a Victorian Church of England church while in Cedar Road there is the Friends Meeting House and the Sutton and District United Synagoge.

On 11 September Richard attended the induction service to induct Rabbi Shmuli Sagal at the Sutton and District United synagogue in Cedar Road. Rabbi Shmuli Sagal studied in Israel and the USA, as well as the UK, in completing his studies prior to his appointment. The service was attended by the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, both Sutton and Carshalton Members of Parliament, and the Leader of Sutton Council, Councillor Ruth Dombey. It coincided with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the synagogue and was celebrated by the dedication a set of renovated Torah Scrolls.


Sutton police station in Carshalton Road

Sutton police station in Carshalton Road


At the local committee meeting on 8 September the police reported that crime in our area remains low.

In the quarter covered by June, July and August, for the most commonly reported crimes (burglary and theft from vehicles), there were 7 residential burglaries in our Ward, 3 thefts from motor vehicles. The police have obtained a “closure order” for a flat in Brighton Road where drugs were being used. This requires the occupants to leave the property.

There are 250 Neighbourhood Watch members in the Ward. The police consultative panel next meets at Christchurch hall in Christchurch Park on 4 October. This is a public meeting. See if you can come.

There was a “Speedwatch” event in Cedar Road and Christchurch Park during the summer, using a speed gun to catch and warn speeding motorists.

Richard at an earlier Speedwatch event in The Ridgway

Richard at an earlier Speedwatch event in The Ridgway




The extended yellow lines at the bottom of Downside Road

The extended yellow lines at the bottom of Downside Road

There is further progress on the traffic and parking schemes under consideration for the Ward to report following the meeting of the South Sutton, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee held on 8 September 2016 and the discussion at the Environment and Neighbourhoods Committee on 15 September of a global strategy for parking. To ensure a consistent approach throughout the Borough, all local schemes will be drawn into a central strategy and progressed on the basis of an assessment of priorities.

An ambitious scheme for the introduction of a 20mph scheme across most of the area of Sutton South Ward west of the Sutton to Belmont railway line has now been included in the “Local Implementation Plan” prepared by Transport for London. This was the subject of proposals put to the local committee in 2015. However, it is on the “reserve list” which means that implementation in the near future is most unlikely.

A parking scheme for the newly-named Berridge Close is agreed, implementation to coincide with the opening of the adjacent Subsea7 building, as this will lead to more intensive use of the road by those working in the building and accessing the underground car park. Obstructive parking in Berridge Close could lead to problems when the building is occupied, so needs to be avoided. It is proposed that the road will be included in the controlled parking zone with four parking bays in the road, reserved for residents with parking permits. Completion of the building is unlikely before December.

Traffic and parking schemes were the subject of a session at the December 2015 meeting of the South Sutton, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee, when residents noted down parking and traffic problems. A list of the proposals raised by residents was reported back to the local committee meeting on 10 March.

In relation to our own area, the proposals fell into three main categories.

First, concerns about intensive and sometimes obstructive parking in Mayfield Road and roads nearby (The Ridgway, Chalgrove Road, Upland Road).

Second, concerns about visibility at the Farm Road / The Ridgway junction.

Third, a set of other concerns, mostly about speeding at various locations.

This listing will form the agenda for further work by the traffic department within a wider cross-Borough study, which is centrally managed by the Council. A number of minor, initial proposals were agreed on 10 March, including to restrict parking at the Prior Avenue / Banstead Road junction due to visibility issues.

The question of a parking control scheme in Mayfield Road and the surrounding area was the subject of a consultation exercise by local Councillors last year which showed support in Mayfield Road but not adjacent roads. On 10 March the local committee agreed to devote some of its public realm funds to fund the traffic department to “kick start” a study of potential for parking controls in this area. A discussion between traffic engineers and Ward Councillors to consider this study was held on 8 June in Mayfield Road. The traffic engineers will design a parking control scheme for consultation. The precise parameters of this scheme and the consultation have yet to be finalised.

Some residents of Audley Place have commented to us that there is difficulty when driving out of Audley Place in seeing vehicles coming down Camborne Road, if cars are parked close to the corner. We raised this issue with traffic engineers and the Council is proposing a small extension of the yellow lines on each side at the exit from Audley Place. We think this will do the trick in terms of making it easier, and safer, to drive out into Camborne Road.

Residents of Tapestry Close have complained to us about obstructive parking in the Close. We raised this issue with traffic engineers and a scheme of yellow lining was proposed. Further consultation with residents, required by law, found some residents objecting and this scheme is currently on hold.

Several schemes consulted on some time ago have now been implemented, including yellow lining at the bottom of Downside Road to deal with obstructive parking (see photo above) and switching some “pay and display” bays to “dual use” so residents with parking permits can use them, in Grange Road and Langley Park Road.


Richard with the two teams and supporters

Richard with the two teams and supporters

On 16 August Richard, in his capacity as the Mayor of Sutton, together with the chief of Sutton’s police service, Chief Superintendent Stringer, gave enthusiastic support to the teams from Sutton police and the local Muslim community who met for their annual cricket match at Purley cricket ground.

The match, which was called off last year due to rain, was played in near perfect conditions, warm evening sunshine, starting at 5pm. The match was played under 20/20 rules. The police won the toss and put the Muslim Cultural Welfare Association in to bat. The Association’s batsmen were quickly racing along at over ten runs an over, and scored 204 for the loss of seven wickets off their twenty overs. The police were never likely to match this score and eventually fell well short, scoring 152 and losing by 52 runs.
Richard said “The quality of the cricket we saw thisevening was inspiring. It is heart warming that, at a time of problems and difficulties in some parts of the world, we have the annual tradition of this cricket match in Sutton promoting warm relations between the police and the local community.”
Richard with Chief Superintendent Stringer

Richard with Chief Superintendent Stringer


The Liberal Democrat fightback continues.
The Party won the Carshalton Central by-election and Chris Williams has been elected as a new Sutton Councillor!
This maintains the number of Liberal Democrat Councillors on Sutton Council as 44, with just 8 Tories and two Independent Councillors (not elected as such but one each elected as a Tory and a Liberal Democrat who later fell out with their parties).
Chris achieved a 5.1% increase in the LibDem share of the vote compared to the 2014 result.